Availability list

Please note: if you have bookmarked this page, it will no longer be updated after 1ST NOVEMBER 2021 - LAST UPDATE: 28/10

We are CLOSED on Saturday Afternoons after 1pm - all equiries after then will be repsonded to on Sunday Mornings. This includes 30th October.

IMPORTANT: We can only current offer out 1 Hour treks to anyone whose riding ability is either NEVER RIDEN BEFORE or BEGINNER. Please do not enquire for longer treks as all will be politely rejected.

Please wear your masks in all indoor areas on site, pay by card if possible, wash your hands.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your booked trek time. If you are unsure of the date and time of your trek, please call or email to confirm.

Latest COVID Update for post 19th July - Click Here

Friday 29th: FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 30th: x2 spaces on WT ride AM. CLOSED PM

Sunday 31st: x2 spaces on x2 WTC rides, one AM and one PM

Monday 1st: New group space.

Tuesday 2nd: x2 spaces on a WTC ride AM and x2 spaces on a WT ride PM

Wednesday 3rd: x3 spaces on a WTC ride PM

Thursday 4th: FULLY BOOKED

HALF TERM: Please note FULLY BOOKED until 31st October, with no group space left on the Sunday, however space on pre-existing treks available.

Key: W = Walk (beginner rider), WT = Walk Trot Ride (intermediate rider), WTC = Walk, Trot, Canter (advanced rider).

Information is only valid at the time of writing.

IMPORTANT - If you cannot make it PLEASE cancel via leaving a voicemail or sending us an email. We have instances of no shows  - slots that we had people wanting to fill if only those persons who didn't bother showing had only let us know.

For other future dates, please contact via email brendonmanortrekking@gmail.com or call 01598 741246.

Please note, sometimes we can't get to the landline, so leave us a message on our answerphone and we will call or text you back before the end of the day.

The best way of contacting us is via the online booking form. We are seemingly very busy well in advance, which is great for us! Therefore it is strongly advised, because of unprecedented demand, that you book as far in advance as possible.

Please read the latest covid-19 advice, in our news section on our website.