Availability list - updated every 2-3 DAYS.


NO NEW GROUP AVAILABILITY until Tuesday 6th October.

OPEN AS NORMAL - please wear your masks in all indoor areas on site, pay by card if possible, wash your hands

Saturday 3rd  - Fully Booked

Sunday 4th  - Fully Booked

Monday 5th  - x1 slot available on a W ride PM. No Space for new group bookings

Tuesday 6th  - Group bookings available both AM & PM.

Wednesday 7th  - Space (x2) on WTC ride AM. Group bookings available both PM.

Thursday 8th  - Group bookings available both PM.

Friday 9th  - Space (x2) on WTC ride AM. Group bookings available both PM.

Weekend of 10th/11th   -  Room to join rides and group availability on Sunday PM.

W/C 12th October   -  Fully booked Monday and Tuesday. Good availability rest of the week however.

Key: W = Walk (beginner rider), WT = Walk Trot Ride (intermediate rider), WTC = Walk, Trot, Canter (advanced rider).

IMPORTANT - If you cannot make it PLEASE cancel via leaving a voicemail or sending us an email. We have instances of no shows  - slots that we had people wanting to fill if only those persons who didn't bother showing had only let us know.

For other future dates, please contact us using the methods below.

Please note, sometimes we can't get to the landline, so leave us a message on our answerphone and we will call or text you back before the end of the day.

The best way of contacting us is via the online booking form. Please however don't ask for dates which are already classed as "fully booked" WEEKENDS ARE LOOKING EXTREMELY BUSY ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE AUTUMN - SO IF YOUR ABLE TO RIDE DURING THE WEEK PLEASE CONSIDER DOING SO.

It is strongly advised, because of unprecedented demand, that you book as far in advance as possible, especially if you are  part of a group of 3 or 4 or you're a family with young children.

Please read the latest covid-19 advice, a link for which can be found on our home page, before confirming any bookings.

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