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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer here, drop us an email on

Question: What is the minimum age to ride on the Moor?

Answer: Our insurers have a minimum age of six years to ride on the Moor. However, for children younger than this we do offer our 30-minute lead reins. Good news, there is no maximum age limit for riding!


Question: We’re experienced riders; can we go out without a guide?

Answer: No, those days are gone, insurers don’t cover horse hire anymore without a guide/employee with them. If you find somewhere that does, good for you, but we’d be very wary about the insurance policy (if any) they carry.


Question: What is your weight limit and why is this needed?

Answer: Our current weight limit is 14.5st which is 92kg approx. We need this in order for the welfare of our horses and to protect their backs. Consider the amount of work our horses do, especially across the summer season and you will understand why a horse with a bad back is not a good thing.


Question: What is the biggest group you can take?

Answer: We like to do small groups, but the maximum we can do is 7 to 8 customers at once, outside Covid times of course.


Question: How much is it for children to ride?

Answer: In short, the same as an adult. This is because the costs remain the same whether horse or pony in terms of vet bills, feeds and more.


Question: Why can’t persons classed as “never ridden before” or “beginner” do longer than an hour?

Answer: It’s all to do with safety, if you are not used to being on a horse or using muscles that you don’t usually use, the likelihood is that you will get tired quicker. The more tired you are the slower your reactions, so therefore more chance of accidents.


Question: Do you accept cards?

Answer: Yes, and cash, with BACs transfers available for deposits only.


Question: I’ve been trying to ring, but you don’t seem to answer your phone?

Answer: During the day now we don’t tend to, we found trying to juggle bookings, yard work and customer care meant mistakes happened, so one thing had to give and that was our phone enquiry side. You are still welcome to leave us a message on our answer machine and we will aim to get back to you by the end of the same day, usually via SMS or Whatsapp text message to mobile numbers. You may find it easier to send us an email however, as we can answer these more on the go.


Question: Are you in Brendon village? Can I walk to you from there?

Answer: If you’re feeling fit, I’m sure you can but it’s 2 miles with a long hill section to end with!

Question: Where are you located?

Answer: Near Lynton (10 minutes’ drive away) on the B3223, we are 45 minutes away from Barnstaple and Minehead, an hour from Taunton and the M5.

Question: I don't have a car, what is the best way to get to you?

Answer: The nearest bus stop is in Barbrook, the 309/310 bus from Barnstaple to Lynton & Lynmouth runs every hour or so Monday - Saturday. However you will have to get a taxi from there as it's not in walking distance, so you may be better staying on the bus for the short trip into Lynton where there are more taxi companies. For the summer season, there is a bus service from Minehead via Porlock which runs every hour into Lynmouth but again you will need to arrange transport from there to the stables. Barnstaple is the nearest local train station, with Taunton being the nearest mainline one.

Question: What is the best clothing for riding? Do I need specific footwear?

Answer: Anything you’re comfortable, but for your comfort and safety we don’t allow riding in shorts or opened toe shoes. Shoes should be comfortable and ideally have a small heal, but that’s if we’re being fussy! Basically trainers, wellies or hiking boots do the job for riding in.

We would recommend you wear a jacket to start with as it can be a few degrees cooler on the moor than at our stables, it is easier to remove garments on horseback than to try and put them on.

Question: Do you hire hats?

Answer: Yes, and at no extra cost.


Question: Do you have spare jackets? We’ve forgotten ours!

Answer: Yes, however they are past their first flush of youth!


Question: Do I need to pay a deposit?

Answer: At the moment, only for 4-5 or 5-6 hour Day Ride Treks. Full terms and conditions can be found here.


Question: Do you have a toilet on site?

Answer: Yes, white door with the word “toilet” on it, if it has a bed in it, you have gone into someone’s house!


Question: Are your horses friendly?

Answer: In the most part, yes, but remember these are live animals and react to any environment change around them, so be prepared. They are friendly but don’t expect a Christmas card from them!


Question: Do you have any horses for sale?

Answer: The likely answer is no, we put a lot of time and effort into our horses and therefore are extremely unlikely to offer them for sale.


Question: Can I reserve xxxxx horse for my ride?

Answer: We will always try our best to give you desired horse, but operational circumstances dictate the horses we have available on a day to day basis.


Question: Is xxxxx horse still with you?

Answer: Have a look at the horse section on our website.


Question: How much is xxxxx trek?

Answer: Full prices can be found on the “trekking” section of our website.


Question: Do you do accommodation on site for my horse and myself?

Answer: Yes, all year round for horses but only outside holiday season for your human friends, the holiday season is March – October, but over the winter yes. There are several good B&Bs for humans in the local area outside these times for human stays.


Question: Do you do livery long-term?

Answer: In short, no, there are several livery yards in the area who do a fantastic job.


Question: Where do I get those cool Brendon Manor Hoodies from?

Answer: Our shop in our office or online at


Question: Do you do vouchers and how do I purchase them?

Answer: Please go to our shop on our website and purchase them on there, they are available for all trek lengths and have no expiry date on them. If you have any questions, please drop is an email. Vouchers, in order to save paper, are now emailed out and print at home.


Question: How long have you guys been here?

Answer: As of 2024, 8 full years.


Question: Has Erin ridden a horse yet?

Answer: Yes, several

Question: Has Chris ridden a horse yet?

Answer: Yes (sort of), but not as many as Erin has!


Question: Is it true your dogs are called Dizzy and Rascal

Answer: Yes, and they’re BONKERS!


Question: Is it true there is a horse called Bryon?

Answer: Yes, and he’s Chris’!


Question: Is Fabian the horse really a prince?

Answer: No

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