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These rides

are ONLY for experienced riders!

Want more of a riding challenge?

Pub Ride

Unfortunately, since COVID and BREXIT we've had multiple venues unable to provide food especially during lunchtime hours.

Therefore we are currently unable to offer Pub Rides.

Please see details however of our other day rides which are still available at Brendon Manor.

Day Rides

Ride for a full day on beautiful Exmoor, 4-5 or 5-6 hours in the saddle, bring a packed lunch and enjoy the views! Test yourself on some of the toughest terrain in the area. Can you handle our rocky paths and our sheer drops?! Test your riding skills and capabilities with our great team here at Brendon Manor.

You can cover mile upon mile with one of our Day Rides, seeing the most of Exmoor anyone can in one day. Our horses are able to get to many places that walkers and cyclists simply can't reach and you cover the distance in better time too.

Because of the style of riding involved, this ride is not open to beginners or novice riders. You must feel comfortable cantering in a group and in open spaces. You can book on one of our Day Rides in 2 ways, we have advertised Day Rides which we open to all suitable riders, these are advertised throughout the year on our Facebook Page, mainly in the Spring and the Autumn. The other way of doing it is getting yourself and 2 or 3 other friends together and booking a day ride. We have a minimum of 3 people per day ride.

We ask you now to bring a packed lunch which will be brought to you approx. half way around the chosen route. You are welcome to bring a small rucksack, Please consider whatever you take, you'll be carrying it all day. You are welcome to bring alcohol for your own consumption, but please remember it is your responsibility to get yourself home safely and if we don't feel you are in a fit state to ride, you'll be walking the horse home! We would also ask that all litter is put into your rucksack and taken home with you.

Day rides are bookable via the "book a trek" section on this website and are £150 per person for a 4-5 hour trek and £175 per person for a 5-6 hour trek.

Multi-Day Rides


3 days in the saddle, taking you around Exmoor National Park, fantastic landscape, great photo opportunities and your chance to test your skills and knowledge on horseback.

We've teamed up with Affinity Horsemanship to offer these rides.

These multi day rides are not available to book privately and only run on selected dates across the year. Places are on a strictly first come first serve basis.

Please keep an eye on the news page on this website or like us on Facebook to get all the latest news first.


For further details on our multi day rides, along with the rest of the details, please email

To see the horses you could be riding on our Adventure Rides, please click here.

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