To book a trek at Brendon Manor - please fill in the below form as honestly as possible*

If there are any sections on the form that are highlighted in red when you go to submit, please go back and check these areas. Please check all aspects of the form correctly before submitting as we cannot be responsible for any mistakes especially of mobile devices with AUTOFILL technology - forms incorrectly filled in or missing information may result in delays processing and therefore missing out on your desired date/time.


There are 2 Brendon's within Devon, please note we are the one located near Lynton (EX35) and not the one near Holsworthy (EX22).


IMPORTANT: We can only currently offer out 1 Hour treks to anyone whose riding ability is either NEVER RIDEN BEFORE or BEGINNER. Please do not enquire for longer treks as all will be politely rejected. We have updated the definitions to each ability to help you make an informed choice when making a booking. Please see T&C's below*

Although we do try to cater for everyone on specific dates and times, we would ask you to book as far in advance as possible, especially during the busy summer months.

Any enquiries please email

Please take time to read our Terms & Conditions before submitting this form.

For everyones safety and our horses comfort, please note we have a strict weight limit of 14.5st/92kg. We do have a set of scales in the office and reserve the right to check.

*PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to, in part or full, refuse treks upon arrival of booked date if it's found the below INFORMATION IS INCORRECT. Brendon Manor Stables reserve the right to request payment, again in part or full, to cover costs in the case of refusal.

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Important Information.

  • By submitting by clicking the above SUBMIT button you are providing Brendon Manor with an honest opinion of your riding (or person(s) you filling in on their behalf capabilities) as per the explanations in the riding capability section on the above form set out by our insurers. As per our terms and conditions - Brendon Manor reserve the right to change, modify or cancel the trek if the information provided here and on the subsiquent rider for you fill in upon arrival is doubted or false.

  • We have a strict weight policy of 14.5st/92kg for the safety of yourself and our horses. If this is doubted, we may ask you to privately confirm this with a suitable member of our staff.

  • By filling in this form, you are not confirming your place on the trek, booking is only confirmed via a phone call or email (which is usually between 1-24 hours after the form is submitted). Any additional requests, such as a change of date or number of riders must also be confirmed by us. You must also confirm if we are unable to meet your request whether you wish to continue with the original booking, to save confusion.

  • Brendon Manor are not responsible for calls being missed, answer phone messages not being listened too or emails not being read. ALL treks are booked on a purely FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

  • Please fill in separate forms if different lengths of treks/lead rein are required for multiple persons. For all treks, please make sure you arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled time.

  • We ask that you wear suitable shoes (ideally a small heal, but we accept trainers, walking boots and Wellington's - anything you are comfortable in. NO open toe shoes such as sandals or Crocs) for riding and bring wet weather gear. We would also ask you to wear long trousers to protect your legs, NO 3/4 LENGTH OR SHORTS PLEASE. You may wear your own riding hat if you have one available (at your own risk), this may be checked by a member of staff for suitability.

  • All treks are subject to suitable weather conditions and trek times are subject to availability.

Length of operating hours differ depending on the time of year, please check with us by emailing for our up to date opening hours.

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