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You wouldn’t learn to drive a car, for instance, in a car park... why would you learn to ride a horse outside the environment that you intend to ride in?

Intend to hack out? Learn to Ride at Brendon Manor Stables!

If your aim is to, now or in the future, enjoy the beautiful British countryside on a horse, or maybe you’ve booked a riding holiday in a far away land but haven’t realised that your skill level isn’t quite there...?


Maybe you or a partner have never sat on a horse before but don’t want the formal setting of an arena based school…?

Want substance to your riding rather than style...?

...Learn to Ride at Brendon Manor could be just for you!


We are now able to offer riding lessons on a limited basis with Charlie, fully insured, Charlie is able to take you from your current point in your riding journey and improve your skills through private tuition based on what you want to achieve and all this with real life conditions within Exmoor National Park.

All lessons (bar introduction to Jumping) will take place on the publically accessed land surrounding our stables, with skills learned on the move - with the lessons all taking place in different areas of the beautiful countryside around us, depending on what you want to work on.

In order for Charlie to teach in a manner where the focus is on you and your end goal, our lessons are strictly one to one or one to two. Our one to two lessons will only be available if someone you know wants to join you not someone we choose to join you.

Our lessons can either take place with our fantastic team of horses at the stables and when available we would always make sure you are on your preferred stead. If you already own a horse and want to improve your skills with them, we would welcome your own horse on any one to one lesson at the same cost as advertised below.

What makes this different to a normal lesson anywhere else?

Firstly, we would not be in an arena or sand school. Our lessons are taught literally out in the field. Giving you those foundation skills or improving your existing skillset in the “real world”. Being able to control the horse over different surfaces or gradients is key if you are to enjoy hacking on British Bridleways or further afield.


What makes this different to the private treks you also offer?

If your aim is to see beautiful Exmoor at a pace that suits you or do a ride as a one off treat, be sure to look at our private trekking details here. However, if you want a ride with structure, where you leave having taken away a skill that you wish to develop further over a period of time – with less of an element on the views/fun factor and more of improvement, then enquire about our lessons.


Any other disciplines except hacking you are able to teach?

We have a small jump course set up at the stables, we are able to offer an “Introduction to Jumping course”. The length depends on the amount of time you wish to ride with us.


Is there a minimum age?

Our lessons are open to all riders currently from the age of 6 years old. There is no maximum age as we feel you’re never too old to learn!


Are the lessons weekly?

We recommend a regular lesson if you wish your skillset to grow. However, we understand in the current climate that financially sometimes this is hard to achieve, therefore we book initial lessons on an individual basis and work with you to find a lesson plan which suits your needs and finances.


And what are the cost of your lesson?

Charlie charges £65.00 for the initial hour for one person and £115.00 for 2 people sharing the same hour. Additional half hours are charged at £10.00 per person. In order to aid your learning and remembering skills, we cap lessons at a maximum of 2 hours. No more than 2 people per lesson.


For all lesson enquiries - please email
with the subject title "Learn to Ride"


In the initial email to us, please include your weight, height and how much riding experience you have so far (if any, it doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner). We will be back in contact as soon as possible after all initial enquiries.

Please do not fill in the booking form on the "trekking" section of this website - please email us directly for all lesson enquiries.

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