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Part Livery

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Full Livery

Our Part Livery is for 5-days a week and includes...


  • Hay & Bedding

  • Letting Out on a morning & Bringing In on a evening.

  • Rug Change.

  • Turnout all year round.


Price: £65.00 p/w

Our Full Livery is for 7-days a week, includes all the benefits of Part Livery, PLUS...


  • Mucking Out Daily.

  • Holding For Vet or Farrier.*

  • Basic Hard Feed.


Price: £90.00 p/w

Add It On!

Away for the weekend? Storage for your trailer for the night? Forgot to order that feed? Our add it on services allows you livery flexibility! Email and we will endeavour to help!

Livery prices per week (7 days). *Up to 2 visits or a vet and/or farrier in any one 7 day period. Brendon Manor will not settle invoices presented by the vet or farrier on your behalf and are not responsible for re-booking any follow-up visits. Must be booked in advance. Basic hard feed will be a standard yard feed, this can be substituted with your own feed if purchased by yourself and provided in a suitable container. All livery is subject to availability. Isolated stabling and grazing subject to availability . Isolated stabling and grazing free on request with part, full and hunting liveries subject to availability. Payment to be on a weekly basis, with a refundable weeks deposit upfront. Customers give 7 days notice on end of livery arrangements. Add ons to any livery must be paid for in advance, but can differ from the payment from your regular livery.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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