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Trekking Team

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Hello, I'm April, but you can call me A-peeee!

I’m a trekking pony for all you little people who come to see me.

I’m very energetic, so if you are booked in for a long ride today, there is every chance you will see me. Otherwise, I'll be in the field, eating, possibly sleeping, having a gallop, eating, and umm, eating.

c and f.png

We are Cherri and Farley, or Farley and Cherri! LIke Widget, we are Exmoors, with a bit of Clydesdale thrown in for good measure.

We arrived back in the summer of 2017 and are settling in well to our new life here. It's fantastic, we are getting used to seeing you all.

Plus, we love carrots, don't we Farley?

Cherri is now working full time at the stables, expect to see Farley joining her real soon.

p baby.png

Hello it's Baby!

I think i'm called Baby because i'm small, but i'm actually quite big, bigger than Widget, Cherry, Farley, Tinker... and probably more. I think therefore I should be called Big Baby and i'm getting bigger all the time.

Like Cherry and Farley, my fieldmates, it will be a few years yet until you see me as part of the regular trekking team, however you may see me in the stable from time to time. By the time i'm ready to work, i'm going to be massive!

p frazz.png

“Fresh off the track... it’s Mr Frazz”!

Ok Frazz, it’s been 4 years now, time for a career change! Now, tell us about yourself...

“I’m Frazz, I'm new, I love jumping, Ruby Walsh is on my Facebook, did I tell you I used to race”?

The good news is, he’s calmed down now and he’s a great addition to Brendon Manor. If you have some experience and want some fun, ask for Frazz today...just don’t mention his past career!

Hi, my name is Widget, but you can call me Widge!

I came off the Moors in October 2016, I'm a little bit different to my brothers and sisters, so needed a caring home. Luckily, Charlie from Brendon Manor came along and rescued me and brought me here to Brendon Manor.

! I’m quite friendly but I'm also a little naughty and like to nibble... so keep your little hands and fingers away from my mouth if you do come over and say hello!

You may see me getting used to my new home, in and around Brendon Manor.

Hey everyone, it’s Faith here, hope you're all Ok!

I’ve been at Brendon Manor since I was a youngster and learnt loads here! Out of the group, I get on with everyone. So whether your young, old or however much experience you have, everyone has the chance to ride Faith!

I’m always really happy and there is nothing like eating a bit of grass off the bank prior to going out on the trek, although Charlotte says it’s not ok, it really is, honest! 

How you doing, my name is June and I'm the baby of the family!

I’m one of the bigger horses here, I've grown up so fast and can’t stop growing. My mum, Charlie tells me that when I'm older I’ll be supporting Sam and could almost be as big as him! For now, I'm still learning, so you may not see me on treks as often as some of the others.

Even though I'm called June, I'm not keen on the sunshine. During the summer, expect to see me with sun cream on my pink nose! If it’s sunny today, remember to put your sun cream on before going on your trek today and to drink plenty.

Hey you, yes you, hello, look at me, I'm Ramady although my friends call me Ram.

I love attention and I'll always let you know if I'm not getting quite enough. Did you say you had apples in your car? Can I have one, or 2? As you may have guessed, I'm a bit fun and get up to mischief, so if you’ve been picked to ride me today, it means you must be pretty good. I’ve been told to tell you that you have to be quite firm with me, I'm not quite sure what that means, all I know is that I'm a little angel.

Enjoy your day here at Brendon Manor (and don’t forget those apples)!

Hello, my name is Lydia, welcome to Brendon Manor!

You can never miss me on photos, see I have 2 black legs and I’ve decided to rock the white sock look on the others - talking of socks, make sure you wear long trousers, especially men, your leg hair will appreciate it - if not, Chris has some very loud coloured football socks in the office for you to borrow!

I’m one of the few horses here that are used by you fine people and also may lead the odd trek with Charlie as well. I’m so multi-talented you see!

(And don’t worry, I gave up jumping a while ago, I enjoy the slower pace of life now)!

It’s M,M,M,M,Monty!

Fact, the best things come in small packages and I'm just that.

Fact 2, I used to be called Zaus, so if you’ve been here before, that’s what I may have been called. Personally, I think “The Artist Formally Known as Zaus” sounds so cool, but Chris said he’s not going to shout that across the field every morning at me!

See you out there on those Moors kids!

When Sam wants to retire and you need a quality replacement, you call on me, Bouncer!

Ok, Pete took the call, I'm a horse and you may know that we don’t tend to get mobile contracts very easily. Anyway, I'm here for the husbands, the tall people, the scared people (how can you be scared of me), to give you a fantastic time here at Brendon Manor!  This new job is great and at my age its great to do something a little less taxing.

I’ll be the one you see in the stables first, as I'm huge, but it means I can look down at all the other horses, hope you have a head for heights if you ride me!

Helo, fy enw yw Bryn a chroeso i Brendon Manor.

That is, hello, my name is Bryn and welcome to Brendon Manor. (apparently).

I came off the Welsh Mountains and like my mate, Bouncer, have spent some time in Gloucestershire before coming here. I’m enjoying meeting all the new horses, although Fabian is a little full of himself. Everyone seems really friendly and nice here just like me.

I’m star by name and a star by nature!

I've moved from the big smoke and I'm settling into my new home nicely! The countryside is so beautiful and what better way to see it by having a guided tour off me.

I’m here to look after you and show you some great sights - so let's enjoy them together!

Guys, I'm Tinker, although you can call me “Tink”.

Believe me, Tinker, really bad name, I'm good as gold all the time - they should have called me Ace or Angel. I know when I can get away with stuff though, but you being a good rider won’t let me have a break when I want (which sometimes can be at every gateway)!

Being mainly white and black and looking like a little like a cow, I seem to attract the dust when I go for a roll in the field (which of course I'd never do) - the great thing about the team at Brendon Manor is they groom me every time before I go out - so I'm constantly looking at my best for you guys!


Hellllloooooo i'm Bryon, the clown of the class and if you haven't already guessed, that means i'm Chris's horse!

Things I like, well orange to start with and ooooh a Kebab on a Friday night, also love Crisps - Quavers are my favourite although i've been known to partake in a Pringle or Pickled Onion Monster Munch in the past.

Oooh those Malted Milk biscuits too!

You may note I have a nose net, that's to help my Hayfever, not sure why you humans don't have them but hey... or should I say hay?!


My name is Jennifer, though I hate that, so please call me Jenny or even Jen.

My name however isn't Sian, although I do look very much like her.

I love going fast on rides, so if you are a bit of a speed freak i'm just the one for you.

Plus I love photobombing and in the process of setting up my Insta... @nevaclean

chief 2.jpg

My name is Chief and i'm here in training.

I'll soon be part of the trekking team, but in the meantime i'm getting to know everyone, especially the mares.

The picture is from my dating profile on "Plenty of Ponies" - I mean, do you like it, think it shows my best side...

My favourite game is Tag, did you used to play that? I like it because it involves me running around a field with a human trying to get near me to "tag" me with the head collar, but i'm very good at it, sometimes it takes them hours, but they all look to be having fun while playing it!

Escort Horses

Date of birth: 18th April 1997

Job: Chief Escort Horse

Favourite Film: The Queen

Escort Horses

Date of birth: 2nd July 2009

Job: A Fantastic Escort Horse

Biggest Strength: My Modesty

And Those Who...

And Those Who Have Moved On...

Good Day to you all!

Kestral here, like some others I’ve been here a while and I still keep coming back season after season for more. Brendon Manor is great isn’t it...some great rides and views and Charlie and Chris are not so bad as bosses either!

If you're a rider, you will certainly get the best out of me! Don’t let the fact I'm over 20 fool you... I have as much, if not more energy as some of those whipper snappers coming to steal my crown.

Boo, my name is Sian, I'm this year’s new arrival here at Brendon Manor!

I arrived at Brendon Manor in early 2017, I fancied a change from my old job at a riding school, so applied here. I got interviewed and next day got chauffeured in a luxury trailer to here, my new home. It’s brilliant living and working on the same site, the commute to work is so much easier!

Somewhere on my family tree is an Arab, which im reliably informed is quite a desired type of horse. So if you're a rider and want a bit of a challenge (I'm lovely really), request Sian when you visit Brendon Manor.

Hello, Samuel here, welcoming you to another trek at Brendon Manor.

Now, in my time, I've seen a lot of horses come and go, some can make it, some can’t. What they have in common is they have all gained some of my knowledge in how to be a great trekking horse.

Now ladies, is your man wanting to join you on today’s experience? If so, it’s likely that I'll be accompanying him and yourself. If you could pay me in carrots for looking afer him, it would be appreciated.

Hello. My name is fudge.

I come in from the field in the morning, I take you guys on treks and I go out again at night... trekking, it’s as simple as that!

I’m here to teach these young horses and ponies a thing or two, I’ve done this job for years, so much so, i’m expecting my long service award at any point now!

My job is to look after you, so if your on Fudge, you're in safe hands (or a back at least)!

Top of the morning to you (or afternoon) - it’s Mr Solomon at your service!

Some ponies when they get to my age like a lot of grass and a comfy stable at night. Not the Solmister oh no, I'm young at heart and like a great Grandad, fantastic with the young ones.

Lately, I've been introduced by June to this thing called the internet, it’s great and brendon manor have some photos of us lot on something called their website. If you press a w then a w, then another one and a dot, put brendonmanor and then another dot and com at the end, you’ll see some great shots of me!

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