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  • Chris Wareing

Great for the Garden...!

Not ours - but you get the idea!

Yep, it's the time of year where our horses produce a lot of the above as they are more often in rather than out!

If you need some manure for your garden, give us a call on 01598 741 246 to arrange a suitable time and date to come and collect some. You can collect as little or as much as you need (multiple journeys accepted). And what's more, it's FREE!

All we would ask is that you book with us prior, so we can make sure our access field is free and we may choose to cancel if its a decidedly wet day to stop you getting stuck if using a trailer and protect our fields. If collecting with a trailer, a 4WD is recommended to tow it.

Sorry, we are unable to deliver or provide bags to transport it in. However, you may borrow a wheelbarrow if you feel that may help, but do bring suitable shovels in order to load.

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