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Changes To Our Day Rides...

Thank you for your support in regards to our recent price changes. We have also made some changes to the format of our Day Rides...

Our Day Rides, including vouchers are now available, these have replaced our previous Pub Rides and corisponding Vouchers.

Because of the current situation with COVID, many establishments now struggling in the local area to get staff and therefore not being able to open during the winter season (thanks Brexit) - we are unfortunately not able to guarantee Pub Rides and therefore have decided to stop advertising these.

The terms and conditions for Day Rides have therefore been updated as below.

  • The rides will be a minimum of 4 hours, but no longer than 5 hours in length OR a minimum of 5 hours, but no longer than 6 hours in length (depending on length of Day Ride Purchased). This depends on the ground and the pace and ability of the riders.

  • To book a specific date. please call 01598 741246 at least ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE of the intended date. An alternative booking method is via email to

  • A packed lunch must be provided by each customer, this will be brought to you however to a pre arranged meeting point.

  • Day Rides cannot take place in months June - September inclusive.

  • For groups less than 4, Brendon Manor reserve the right to fill the remaining places with other customers on that day ride unless all remaining places are paid in advance by the party.

  • Day Rides are open to all ages 6 plus, but to because of the nature of the route taken, to experienced riders only.

Vouchers have no expiry date on them, remember we are open most days, all year round!

Full instructions on how to use their vouchers are included. Vouchers must be given up on arrival.


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