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Happy 2019!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Welcome to 2019! Hope you all had a fantastic end to 2018 and have had a great start to 2019.

You may have noticed that on the website now, there is a lot of references to the Terms & Conditions and them being updated. We have had a rather large overhaul of our booking policy for the new year, which will slighly change the way you book. We would advise you to read these prior to making a future booking.

But, in short, in order to keep costs down and help your customer experience here at Brendon Manor - we are going to be asking for payment up front. Initially this will be over the phone in all cases via debit or credit card, with the option of BACs transfer and payment via Paypal also. In the future, direct payment via our form will be implimented - however the new system is currently on a 4 month trial in order to check everything works as it should.

All data given will be in the strictest confidence and processed via our chosen system, Paypal.

We have also updated our cancellation policy and as a result WILL NOT BE RAISING TREKKING PRICES DURING 2019!

Full details can be found by clicking here.

We look forward to welcoming you to Brendon Manor in the near future.


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