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Our other 4 legged friends...

Fancy a dog walk while your friends and family are on one of our treks?

We now have a lamiated route map which you can photo/borrow and follow! The route takes around 40 minutes for someone with average fitness, so ideal for those waiting on our hour treks.

Please remember we have loose dogs on the yard, therefore;

  • NO customer dogs (loose, on lead or carried) in the yard unless you have been invited in by member of staff.

  • Please keep all dogs in the car park on a lead, dogs are not permitted to be taken towards the toilet area and the house.

  • Please make sure the main yard gate is shut behind you and latched properly. This gate must be kept shut and secure at all times when not in use.

  • Please leave any other gates on site as you found them (i.e; if they're proped open its for a reason).

  • Dogs must not be walked round site except in areas marked on the advertised map.

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