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Booking Forms

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Please ensure you fill in our booking forms correctly. ALL information on there is essential.

  • We've had several instances recently where we've had enquiries with multiple persons but only one set of weights and/or heights. In this case the form is returned to be filled in correctly, we're not being arkward - this information is used to aid in horse allocation - it's for your safety and the horse' comfort. "Everyone 5'2'' or "around 10st" does not count towards being correctly filled out. 4 people require 4 weights and heights, 3 people require 3.... etc. The more accurate the information, the more likely we are to have suitable horses, especially for larger groups.

  • The stables work on a first come first serve basis when it comes to enquiries, we return any forms filled in incorrectly after we've replied to all other enquiries on correctly filled out forms, therefore you may miss out on your desired date and time as a result. It's always worth gathering the information before filling out the form to save us having to return it to you.

  • Although we're very busy all year round we always aim to get you in on your selected date and preference of time - however please have a few dates around the one selected in mind where you could come and trek with us.

  • Some parts of the form are mandatory and therefore won't submit unless there is something present in the box. For rides where there isn't 4 riders, this means selecting N/A in the cases of some fields in the drop down menu. Please check anything required is filled in and you are using up to date browsers on phones and computers.

  • The most annoying thing for you is mistyping your email address as we sometimes don't get informed till up to 24 hours after we've replied of the bounce back, so make sure you double check all information before sending.


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