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Updated: Aug 29, 2023

ROAD CLOSURE NOW IN PLACE FROM 0930 - 1530 as of Tuesday 29th August. Closure period to expire on Friday 1st September so expect daily closures until then.

If you are booked in with us for the next 2 weeks and are travelling from Porlock, Minehead or beyond please note that there is a road closure between the A39 and us.

The road is being closed between 0930 - 1530 daily for 12 days from 21st August...yes correct, right in the middle of the school holidays in a popular area with tourists, meaning there will be no access this side to and from the stables - see the map for further details (red line indicates the length of the closure).

The likely diversion route will be via Lynmouth and Watersmeet, so please allow extra time for your journey, especially because mobile signal is so hit and miss in the area.

Unfortunately, we were not informed of this and have only found out by chance travelling the route today, those who book in from today will be reminded of this on the confirmation email.


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