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Help us help you!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

It's great to see so many of you taking advantage of our redesigned booking form on the website, hopefully the changes we've made is making it easier for you to book and ask any questions you may have.

To make things easier, before you make a booking, it would be appreciated if you took note of the following points:

-Please make a note of our weight limit as we simply cannot continue enquiries if you state that someone on the form is over this, purely for the welfare of our horses.

-Have in mind dates or days that you want to come trekking with us. If you are looking to come trekking over school holidays, please have as many in mind as possible or be flexible on dates and times. We are no longer accepting booking forms with dates stated as "anytime", "flexible" or words to that effect.

-The only time we are closed is Saturday afternoons from 1pm, so please do not ask for Saturday PM on the booking forms.

-Please check you have given us both weights and heights and check the answer before submitting - remembering of course bullet point 1.

-Please ensure your contact email is correct and is written in the correct format.

We no longer answer the landline at the stables, using an answer phone system. We have updated this so it goes to the answer phone after just 2 rings and the message is now shorter in order to shorten the whole process. Please however leave details of your enquiry and your mobile number so we can get back to you, as failure to do so will mean we cannot guarantee getting back to you.


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