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Check your spam...

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Update: August 2023 - We are still getting several instances of replies from us, whether booking submissions or voucher sales going to spam folders of Hotmail address users (we've spoken to several other businesses and this is also effecting them so if your a hotmail customer be aware). This does not seem to be effecting any other email provider... There are now several pointers on the site reminding those who use a hotmail address. Please note its your responsibility to track your emails, Brendon Manor will not hold any responsibility for any emails missed following the recent warnings posted. Please consider if you do have an alternative to an Hotmail address to us that one when interacting with We are keeping an eye on this situation for you and looking to resolve this in the future.

I'm sure you know we mean not the meat product but your email folder...!

We've had recently a few replies to bookings go straight to the receivers Spam folder on their email account.

This is usually if the applicant has provided us with a or email address.

If you do have one of these, please consider adding

the terms "Brendon Manor" and "Wix" as "Not Spam" to save problems in the future or use a different email address on your forms.

Brendon Manor cannot be repsonsible on information being missed because its ending up in Spam folders. If you haven't heard from us within 48 hours of original submission of a form or query, please check your Spam folders and if nothing is present email us back.

Many thanks.


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