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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

-- This information has been updated , for the latest please click here --

We are following government guidelines and are not presently cancelling any riding at the moment, although the situation changes hour by hour. However, if you do come riding with us, we do ask you follow a few rules...

⁃ Limit the amount of contact with other clients.

⁃ Use the hand gel in the office on arrival and when you leave.

⁃ We suggest that you wear gloves, which you must provide yourself (they don't need to be specifically riding gloves) while riding during this period to prevent the spread of any infection off the reins. All reins are being disinfected after use. WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT LENDING ANY GLOVES OR GARMENTS OF CLOTHING EXCEPT RIDING HATS so please make sure you come equipped for any weather!

⁃ If you have a raised temperature, have been in contact with anyone suspected of having the virus or have any other symptoms as outlined on the government website then please do NOT attend and cancel your trek by calling us on 01598 741 246.

⁃ If you present with any of the symptoms after riding with us you must notify us immediately.

If we need to make further changes as the situation progresses, we will update you using our Facebook page and copy the information to this post as soon as possible. Please scroll down for updates.

If anyone wants to discuss this further please don't hesitate to call us, for now however we are open for business and still taking bookings! :)


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