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Day Rides

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

For 4-5 hour, 5-6 hour and Multi Day Rides a deposit will now be required.

It's something we haven't wanted to do for a long time, but because of last minute cancellations recently it's something we have been forced into.

The deposit will be advised at the time of your booking but will be no more than 50% of the final cost. This will be required to be paid via Paypal or BACs for non-international payments.

There will be a guaranteed 100% deposit refund up to 72 hours or more on part or full cancellations before the date of the booking for all 4-5 and 5-6 hour rides, including those as part of a multi-day ride package. Between 24 and 72 hours will be subject to circumstances. 24 hours or less the deposit becomes non-refundable for part or full cancellations.

Refunds will be via the same method as initial deposit payment. For foreign payments the value may change because of exchange rate differences.

Modifications to bookings (such as changing riders within the party) are non-chargeable and therefore do not effect your deposit.

Deposits are transferable to other dates in the future if done within 24 before the cancelled ride date, otherwise the date becomes non-transferable and the deposit non-refundable. An alternative date must be booked at the time of cancellation for the deposit to be carried over. The above timing terms and conditions will be applicable if a date is not able to be agreed at the time of cancellation.

The above is only applicable on new bookings made on or after 16/03/23

The terms and conditions found on this website as a result of the above will be updated forthwith.

At the moment treks treks of 3 hours or less are not subject to a deposit, however its something we may look at doing in the future depending on feedback throughout the 2023 season.

Many thanks for your understanding in this matter.


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