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Day Rides

More news on Day Rides, again to avoid disappointment.

Day rides, which there are 4-5 Hour versions along with 5-6 Hour versions, will only operate outside school holiday periods.

These are based around school holidays here in the UK, which are subject to change, but usually work around the following dates.

Day Rides are not available from between the following periods:

Christmas Holidays - usually from around December 20th until January 5th

February Half Term - x1 week usually in the middle of February

Easter - Most school holidays have 1 week either side of the Easter Weekend. In some cases however this can change depending on how late or early Easter falls.

May Half Term - Starts the last Monday of May.

Summer Holidays - Commence in England and Wales the 3rd week of July and runs throughout August.

October Half Term - Usually the last week of October.

Again all dates are subject to change. We are able to operate Day Rides on the Early May Bank Holiday and any extra Bank Holidays there may be added throughout the year.

Brendon Manor reserve the right to operate day rides over the above periods should bookings and group sizes allow.


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