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It's good to talk....

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

...or at least leave us a message

We are getting really busy at the stables, meaning that we are unlikely to be at the house where the landline for 01598 741246 is located during office hours.

Outside these hours, we still have home life to tend to also (she's called Erin)...

So we're not being rude by not answering our landline, we are simply not available.

If you don't leave us a message, we won't get back to you...

We've noticed however that several people have called us on numerous occasions over the last few days but not left us a message. If you do leave us a message, we will aim to get back to you within the same day, if not early the next, so its worth doing!

Check your texts...

I always try and message anyone with a mobile number as signal is often patchy and key information can get missed via a voice call, so having it on text message means mistakes are kept to a minimum.

Don't hang up too soon...

If you can put up with my voice for that long, the answerphone message is approx 32 seconds, the shortest we could make it with all the information we needed to get across. People have got so close to the end and then hung up, so we assume the question has been answered during the message. If not, give it a listen as it may be able to help you, or leave me a message after the beep.

Questions can always be asked by sending us an email to, they arrive directly to both Charlie and Chris' mobiles so they are more likely to pick them up at the stables, they are also likely to respond quicker.

Hope this helps!


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