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Meet Our New Arrivals!

They have been at Brendon Manor for just under a week and it's time now to reveal them to the world. Meet Exmoor Farley and Exmoor Cherri, our latest editions to our Trekking team.

Named after local landmarks, Farley Water and Cherriton Ridge, both are just over a year old and intend to be mid to heavyweight horses once fully grown. Not usually a trait of an Exmoor, the reason this can happen is the fact they are infact Exmoor/Clydesdale crosses, not usual but fit the bill for what we need here at Brendon Manor.

Farley and Cherri are getting used to being handled by both Charlie and Chris and there is around 3 years of work ahead. They are currently stabled together, separately from the others, but your more than welcome to pop up to the Manor to come and see them as part of their development. We will be updating you fully on their progress during the coming weeks both on the website and our Facebook page.


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