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Goodbyes & Hello!

As the summer ends, we would like to dedicate a small part of the website to everyone who has helped us out during the summer of 2017, several of those people have returned to the less fun world outside of Brendon Manor. So lets dedicate this to them...

First off, Ellen Lawrence. Ellen has recently left us in order to pursue other interests. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all her hard work over the many years here and wish her luck for the future.

Evie Littlewood and Flo Mullett have returned to school in Oxfordshire and Somerset respectively, we look forward to welcoming these 2 back during the school holidays!

What better way to spend your last few weeks of freedom before University than at Brendon Manor? Tamzin Whitley agrees! Thank you to Tamzin for all your hard work at such short notice (which as well as organising University involved a house move as well). Best of luck to you on your Veterinary Nursing course at Hartpury College in Gloucestershire. And while we are at it, thank you to your mum Sarah Whitley for some great cooking and entertainment!

And also, although not pictured, thank you to Sharon, Mark & Jane, Pat and Charlotte for being on hand to assist on rides throughout the summer.

And now for our hello, to Bea Kilgour!

Bea has followed a well trodden path of coming to ride here at Brendon Manor and falling in love with the place. So much so, she's here till October. Bea has just finished University in Bristol and we are hoping she will enjoy her time here.


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