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  • Chris Wareing

Guess who is back...

Some great news for Fudge Fans! Fudge has been suffering with a recuring eye problem these last few months, but is now on the road to recovery and back out trekking! We know many of you love him and it's great to have him back as a member of our trekking team.

The young lady riding him is Aggz, one of our band of volunteers. Aggz spends most of her weekends with us, taking out rides and is now a valuable member of our little Brendon Manor Team.

Thank you for all your hard work Aggz and long may it continue!

You could say Aggz is a bit mad when it comes to animals, her Monday - Friday job is a zookeper at Exmoor Zoo, which is less than 30 minutes away from Brendon Manor. See if you can spot her on your visit!

More infomation can be found at


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