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Brendon Manor - We are fully open from 4th July!

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

UPDATE: Facemasks must be worn in the office and stables from Sunday 9th August. Other details updated 08/08

UPDATE: Updated guidlines mean we are limited to groups of 4 from 14th September. During this nice weather, we are also encoraging signing in to take place outside.

Hi Everyone!

The news you've been waiting over 100 days for, we are back open properly from Saturday July 4th.

For the past few weeks, we have been making sure we have the right procedures in place by offering rides in the first instance by invite only and then to people within our local area in line with Covid-19 restrictions at the time.

Even though we are "re-opening"; like many business this comes with restrictions. The new rules at the stables are now therefore in place.

o Strictly no lead reins on rides of an hour + (the exception being 30 minute lead reins - see below) If during the ride it is seen necessary for safety reasons that the customer must be lead, then the customer in question will be asked to dismount and walk the remaining distance of the ride, with no refunds (pull or part) of any time not spent on horseback.

o We are now delighted to be able to accept beginner adult (16 and over) riders - but they will be limited to one hour rides for the moment.

Beginner Adults - if you feel confident to have a walk ride then no lead rein should be needed. If you are nervous however, we would advise that you come another time when restrictions are relaxing and the team here can support you more.

o A maximum group of 4 customers per ride, this is to allow 2 guides if required to take the ride out, meaning a total of 6 persons in accordance with Government Guidelines.

o Children may be asked to prove their ability before the trek commencing via a onsite assessment. This will be as part of your booked trekking time.

o We are also delighted to bring back our 30 minute lead reins with a few changes. These will take place on site and not on the moor. An adult responsible for each child (max 2 children subject to availability) must be present at all times (so 2 children would require 2 adults).

These adults are responsible solely for the following:

Putting the child on the pony, taking the child off the pony, walking alongside the child at all times while the child is on the pony.

Please do not ask any staff or volunteer to do this as they will politely decline. If you feel unable to do this, it's the customers responsibility to find a responsible adult capable. If an adult is not available, we will be forced to cancel the ride and you will be responsible to pay any fees incurred.

All staff will be wearing face masks during lead reins.

o Please only arrive 20 minutes before your ride to allow cleaning of stables and toilet to take place.

o When you arrive on site, please wait outside the main gate in the car park area and we will invite you in when it's safe to do so.

o Please wash your hands as soon as you arrive using our toilet facilities - they are cleaned in-between each set of customers.

o Please leave approx 2 metres between yours and other vehicles in the car park. As a result, the area by the gate which is "no parking" at the moment has been temporary opened up for x1 vehicle. The main car park area should be able to park x3 vehicles in. If there are any persons not riding in the group who are joining you in a vehicle, we would politely ask during this time for them to park off site (there is a public free car park at the top of the drive).

o Please make sure you don't touch the gate or handles. Please keep all children under control and encourage not to climb on the gates or fences. If anyone else is present in the car park we would ask you keep 2 metres apart from them. For the moment, we ask that no dogs are brought into the yard, although we are happy to have them in the car park. Please be aware that there are residential properties on site, all with dogs, so we would kindly ask your dogs are kept on a lead in the car park area to prevent any upset . If we feel the presence of the dog is causing problems, we may ask you return to your vehicle with it.

o When signing in, TWO PEOPLE at a time will be allowed in the office. All other persons are to wait in the yard.

o Brendon Manor are still operating a social distancing policy of 2 metres where possible. At all other times 1 metre PLUS.

Please read and understand the above before confirming your booking.

We are extremely limited on availability at the moment because of these restrictions, so we would suggest you book earlier than you may normally to avoid disappointment.

The above, like the Covid-19 restrictions are of course subject to change.

Both Charlie & Chris look forward to welcoming you back to Brendon Manor really soon!


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