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Great NEW insentives for 2020...!

*NEW LOCALS RATE... Do you live in an EX31-EX37 or TA24 postcode area?!

Great news, Brendon Manor is offering you 2019 prices for being a local on all 2020 treks!

Just mention at the time of booking and bring a recent utility bill or something with your name and address on as proof (this must match was is declared on your rider form).

Please note, no other EX or TA postcodes are valid with this offer and cannot be used as part of the multi ride discount scheme. However, it can also be used in conjunction with our loyalty card scheme!

Remember, we are open all year around if you don't like the crowds!

*MULTI RIDE DISCOUNT... Here on holiday? Ride with us more than once per trip?*

Your entitled to a 5% discount if you ride a second time and 10% if you ride 3 or more times!

And you don't have to worry, because the staff at Brendon Manor will keep a track of it for you! This is only valid on bookings made under the new price scheme after 01/01/20 and cannot be used as part of the locals discount.

The rides must be booked within the same 2 week period and can be used in conjunction with our loyalty card scheme!

*LOYALITY CARDS... our famous pink loyalty cards are still around, entitling everyone to great savings.

Just have it signed 8 times by one of our team and claim a free hour, which can be used in conjunction as a discount to one of our longer treks!

Don't forget, it can be also used as part of the LOCALS or MULTI RIDE discount schemes.


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