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Keep shorts on the beach...

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

As the holidays have fully kicked off, we have had a few customers turn up in interesting attire to go horse riding.

Let's take this chance to remind you that shorts should be left as beach wear... if you do turn up in shorts we will strongly recommend you wear some of the fantastically bright Brendon Manor Socks - you may have spotted these on our recent photos on our website!

We ask you to wear long trousers to protect the rubbing of the saddle against your legs. 3/4 trousers however will be allowed.

Also, please do not turn up and expect to wear sandals or crocs during your ride, we don't allow these for safety. We do have riding boots here but in limited sizes, so we recommend trainers, wellies or walking boots depending on what you have with you., the weather and what you are comfortable in.

Further information on suitable clothing can be found on the booking page on our website.


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