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Remember when booking treks...

A while ago, we put a post up regarding post Covid rulings, we thought this would be useful to reiterate now we are starting to open back up.

*Beginner treks are limited to an hour only.

*Masks must be worn in our office.

*No more than 5 persons on site at one time, keeping within the rule of six and allowing a staff member to be the 6th person. Any extra persons will be asked to wait in their vehicles.

*Pay by card if you can. Remember we are not taking deposits at the moment.

*Please avoid unnecessary contact by booking online or via phone. Brendon Manors shop is also available online.

*Use hand sanitisers as provided.

*If you have a suitable riding hat, please bring it with you.

*Please respect the current national advice. If we feel you are breaking or bending the rules, we will politely decline your enquiry. We reserve the right to cancel anyone who has booked in who we feel is not sticking to the above.

*We're expecting to be really busy over the summer, so please book as much in advance as you can. For now, we are sticking to the rule of 4 persons per group after the planned lifting of the rule of 6 outdoors in May. However, as the year goes on, we hope to be able to relax this.

Remember, keep upto date on the latest availability on our website and Facebook page.


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