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We are nearly ready...

As everyone is now aware, in England we have started today the roadmap to hopefully plot our exit from the current restrictions Covid 19 have brought to our lives.

Therefore from 29th March, Brendon Manor will be gradually be reopening. As we've had a very strange winter, from the 29th we are only open to experienced riders. The reasoning behind this is, our horses have had plenty of time to rest over the winter, where as usually they are given plenty of exercise. This winter of course its not been the case, therefore we want to make sure they are as we expect them to be before fully reopening.

April 12th at the earliest is when we hope to be fully open to all, as long as you meet the criteria of the second stage of the roadmap. Therefore, please remember overnight stays are limited to self catering, with no B&Bs, hotels or campsites in the area open.

Please be very aware that Devon & Cornwall Police and Avon and Somerset Police have made an effort to identify holiday homes in the areas we are near. As a responsible local business we have checked the rulings that are in regards to us and expect all customers to be open and honest at the time of booking.

If all goes to plan, by May, we will be able to welcome everyone back, wherever you are staying, where ever you are from and we can't wait to see you all.

Our booking lines are now back open for future dates, but please be aware that all dates are subject to change. As a result we are not taking any deposits until further notice.

See you all soon Chris, Charlie and Erin and the horses x


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